Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

2020 Mad Werid, Fam

If there was ever a time I wished for a do over it would be now.

2020 has been mad weird. We’ve lost some of the greatest people, and we are literally living in the nightmare of times I remember reading about in the history books. Maybe not to the extent if the Plague or Great Depression, but ionno, I think its close.

It has been really hard to stay motivated, thus me not writing. Although I am a healthcare professional, I was subjected to furlough for about 3 months. In that time, I can’t begin to tell you what I was feeling. Sadly, I lost all my content from last year so, I gotta catch you up in a nut shell.

If you remember back in 2017, I started my Flirty 30 Transformation, and here I am at 32 and still transforming, but we’ll get into the details of that later. Part of my transformation was to heal, restore and rebalance my life. In 2018, a lot of things that could go wrong did, and I found myself at the bottom where I didn’t want to be. I bust my butt to get back on my feet all of 2019, and here at 2020, I’m finally where I was before life happened and now, I’m moving toward the next stage of life. So to experience not working again, unable to get any physical communication from unemployment AND being stuck in the house with my 11 and 8 year old, was torture. Anxiety and depression was at an all-time high in my household, and it took a lot of effort to not be in the pits.

In that time, I started exploring other creative avenues. I began painting, for fun. I found myself visiting stores with Garden sections and became a plant mommy to 24 beautiful plant beings. I really got back into the love of cooking for my family and learning new things to try. I jumped into my spirituality and building sacred relationships with my siStars, and finally got a decent “clique” of bad bitches that don’t play about me! While Covid had the world on lock, I took it as a time to tune into me internally and doing that has so much coming out. Inner child healing, shadow work, true forgiveness.

I know that some people would be like “it took covid for you to do that?” or “if you didn’t start a business or learn a new trade, you wasted time.” I personally wanna know what did you do for you? Everyone’s lives were impacted regardless to if it was switching to working from home or not working at all, or becoming a full time educator, security, medical personnel, whatever – I want to know that you took care of you somehow during this, because if you did, THAT’S the win. If we make it through with majority of our sanity intact, I think it’ll be safe to say we won, because if we make it through without our sanity, it’ll be anarchy 😩😖.

Until next week,

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  1. I took some time to meditate and work on my spiritual healing. I also improved my living situation and making steps to improve it even more. I spent quality time with my kids and began working on my commitment issues with men. I ALSO developed a clique of thee baddest, most loyal, Fun, craziest Women u will ever meet!! And I am realizing that even with all the craziness 2020 has brought upon us…my blessings that has been given to me are so much worth the struggle. #KingMe💚👑

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