Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Comeback or Nah?

Oh! My! GOD!
My lovesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!
It’s been entirely too long since I have written to you and, wow.
There’s SO much to say, lol.

First, let me start by thanking you who have followed me from the day I started The Silenced Woman and followed me through my rebranding to Being Ashleigh Noelle.
Unfortunately, I don’t check my emails as often as I should, I missed my GoDaddy Renewal and I lost all the content that had been created for Being Ashleigh Noelle. Which is fine, because it brought me back to my roots.

I will say that it has been a lot of back in forth in my mind about my blog, I was unsure if I wanted to restart, I was unsure if I had the patience and, to be honest, I was unsure if I was good enough. TSW was under attack, my talent and writing capability were under attack and while all of that was going on, life was happening so fast that I just said fuck it. But, I miss it. I miss writing, I miss having an outlet with feedback from different types of people. So I’m going to take some time to fix this up and migrate it over to my new domain and get it back up and running. Be patient with me, because we DEF gots lots to talk about!!

Until Next Time,

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