#SayHerName: Aniya D. Garrett

Hey, My Loves!

Happy #MommyMonday! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

I’ll be honest, I don’t even have it in me to be extra and show my happiness and excitement today. As I’m writing, I can see the energy in my words. Being a parent isn’t all glitter and gold. It’s hard, you’re tired, or you’re stressed. I get it. But at what point as a parent, do you put the mental and physical well-being of your child over your pride?

My loves, everyone who dropped the ball, CPS, Police, and the court system failed Aniya Garrett. Aniya’s egg donor, because I refuse to call her a mother, and her boyfriend, MURDERED a 4-year-old and the only thing that comes to my heart when I read and heard the stories:

What the FUCK can a 4-year-old do that bad, that results in the type of abuse she got?

I am sick. It breaks my heart to hear how her teacher reported abuse 4 times to CPS. How she told them, “Mommy hit me. But she said I fell”. It breaks my heart how her father was fighting for emergency custody and has been trying to get his child for a while, and they drug their fucking feet, I AM LIVID!

The system that incarcerates black men, is the same system that doesn’t pay them any fucking mind when they are trying to do the right thing. It’s insane and I’ve come to the conclusion – the system just doesn’t care about US at all. But that’s another topic for another day.

I pray justice is served or I hope jailhouse rules go into effect. You know inmates don’t play when it comes to hurting a child. I’ve never wished bad on anybody, but I hope they take her uterus and they take her man peen so they can NEVER put another child through this.

img_0003I mean, Siera – fuck is wrong with you? You killed your OWN. Sad sack of shit… Was it that dude? Or you mad cause her daddy, not with you? Like seriously, bitch. What the fuc… nvm…

Mommies – Love your babies. If you’re overwhelmed, create and use your village. If you have to sign your child over to another family member because you cannot give them what they want and need, THAT’S OKAY! Remember a toxic parent is WAYYY worse than an absent one. I left my daughter with my mom when she was 1. I was 21, and going through. I walked away for about 3 months, in that time I busted my ass. Worked five 12 hour shifts, a week to get money saved and get us a house. When I mentally was better, financially stable, and matured a lot, I went back and I got my child and guess what, if I ever get to that point again, where I feel like being away is best, I fucking will. Because your child will appreciate you not being cancer in their life. They may not understand it at the moment, but they will appreciate having a better you.

img_0002To Aniya: I’m sorry they failed you, pretty girl. You didn’t deserve the treatment you got. You spoke your little voice upon deaf ears. People are listening now, but it’s too late, I just pray your story doesn’t go in vain. I hope that changes do come to protect other children since the system failed to protect you.

Mr. Garrett: My heart is broken for you. Your cries are echoing in houses across the world. You did as much as you could, but the system prevented you from being able to do more. I can’t even say “time heals all wounds” but I do pray that your days get easier. I do pray that this inspires other fathers to step up in their children’s lives and do right by them.

My loves! Silent Conversations will launch on YouTube TOMORROW. We have an awesome question that’s already posted in our group. If you wanna chime in, join Silent Conversations on Facebook!

Until Next Time…


  1. This story is so sad! They even had the nerve to arrest the girl’s father at first even though he was clearly trying to get her away from the dangerous home situation she was in. People like this should never be allowed to have children. Praying for his strength and sanity for sure!

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