#GRW: Strength You Possess…

Heyyyy, my loves!
Happy Wednesday!!!!!
I hope you guys are having an amazing week. I’m doing okay, slacking immensely and I apologize!

B.A.E. Newz:

I made some moves for my travel agency! I’m PUMPED.
(Have a really good deal to Vegas, Memorial Day Weekend, click here for info).

Don’t forget Monday was #UnboundedMonday!! We had a great show Monday, check out our recap! I’m still psyched to be a part of their team!

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The Strength You Possess

One of the things that get overlooked is the strength of a woman, even in our own eyes. For me, I always feel so weak and feel like I can’t make it through, but I always do. No matter how much I break down and cry, I almost always seem to find my way through. People often commend the strength I have and I won’t lie, I be lost as fuck. I don’t always see what other people see.

During my transformation, I focused on looking at the positives in the negatives. Whatever I had control over, I controlled it and whatever I didn’t, I buried that aspect. I learned if I spent time focusing on what’s wrong, I can’t truly enjoy what’s right. The strength that I possess is undeniably the reason I am where I am today. I know that a lot of the things I’ve been through, there are people who wouldn’t be able to handle it without a mental break down.

That time is approaching where I’m seeing everyone is beginning to go through a change, and it’s gonna be hard, but you got this. Sometimes we really just need a cheerleader that’s just like “yes bissshhh!!! You got that shit!” so


I’ve been spending time teaching my daughter and her friends that we as women of color are magical and the reason why society tries to place us at the bottom, is because they know the strength we possess. Some of us might be loud and fuck shit up, some of us might be timid and know how to handle things on the back end ←- that’s me!. But, put a difficult problem into the hands of a black woman, and see how we turn that negative into a positive.

Tap into your inner strength, boo! Don’t let this surface level shit break you. In the end, we fucking rule, Beyonce stamped that!

Until next time…


  1. Haha..that’s right! We are magical and we are resilient! I can totally relate as there are things that I have been through and I look back wondering how I did so. I would say there is I definitely pull from an inner strength and having examples of other woman from friends to family members who have done so before me help me to carry on.

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  2. Black women are so strong. We literally deal with everything and being at the bottom of society’s totem pole doesn’t help one bit. Our strength gets us through!


  3. I love that you are sharing this with your daughter AND her friends! That’s so important that we start learning lessons like this at a young age. My friend and I were talking about this last night. She is having a girl and she was saying how important it is for her to share certain truths with her at a young age!

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    1. Absolutely. I honestly live vicariously through my daughter. She has the childhood at 9 i WISH I had. I pride myself on knowing i protected her and I’m preparing her. So she won’t have to learn late like I did

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