#GRW: The Art of Dating Me

Hey, my loves!

I hope you’re having a bomb ass week. Today is HUMP DAY!!!!! I wanna update you guys! A few weeks back I was on The Unbounded Show and we had a lot of fun, I’m now two weeks into being apart of The Unbounded Family, and I couldn’t be any more excited. So please make sure you download the VVC Radio App on your iPhone or bumdroid (sorry yall LMFAO) and catch us every Monday 830 p.m. -1030 p.m.
I have some REALLY good mail coming in for Silent Conversations, I cannot WAIT! I’ll start getting them ready for March!

– The Art of Dating Me –

I’ve written about my trash love life, dating in 2K17 and dating after marriage. While I often talk about what I learned, I never talk about how I’ve applied these things learned to my life. Dating now super sucks, I do have my eyes fixed on someone, but I’m trying to not get excited because that’s when it fails. Dating me is probably so simple and easy as most women are, I just think guys are slow. A conversation with a good friend said we as women should know how we want to be treated, dated and such because sadly, it’s a lot of guys out there who weren’t raised properly. The art of dating me is simple. Give me time, affection/intimacy, and affirmation. These things are most important to me for various reasons and while these aren’t all that matter, they play the biggest role when it comes to everything else.

Time is the only thing that is irreplaceable. It can’t be bought, replaced, reused, and that’s why it’s important to me. I’ve had the guys who would buy gifts, send flowers and all that stuff, which is nice but it means nothing when you can’t give your time. When I’m with someone, all my free time is theirs for the win. A friend of mine said he likes for his women to be obsessed with him so that he doesn’t feel weird being obsessed with her and I couldn’t agree more. Although society has made “obsessed” seem crazy, it’s not. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with studying your partner and truly knowing them, especially if you playing for keeps.

Affection is big. If the connection between me and someone is like that, I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself and I need that back. I’m the annoying girlfriend who will sit right up on you while you play 2K, in my own world doing everything but paying attention to the game. I’ll cheer when you score, and if I hear you cursing out the TV, I’m cursing back. I’m also the girl who will hop online and play with you… But intimacy is important too, and it’s more than just sex. It’s knowing my mental health is safe, it’s knowing I am safe, wanted and loved.

Last, but not least, AFFIRMATIONS! I can’t tell you how much of a spirit booster it is when your boo is your biggest cheerleader and they wanna see you win! Knowing how to calm your bad days, and how to turn up ya good days. Small things from “you’re awesome” to “I appreciate you” goes a long way. I personally am big on spewing out affirmations on a daily. But I won’t fake like it doesn’t mean more when you hear it from #Him / #Her, whatever your preference.

I know that I am still in just the beginning, but I swear I am in love with all the change and lessons I’m learning! I really hope it all works out in my favor someday. I am glad that I can really look back and reflect on all the bad relationships. As an almost 30-year-old woman, I know what I want, don’t want. I know what I’ll accept and what I won’t. Most importantly, I know my worth, and that baby, is golden.

My Love, what’s the art of dating you? Do you know?

A woman who knows her worth is a dangerous person. Hi, I’m Danger.

Until Next Time….



  1. This was so nice to read, and strangely reassuring. “Give me time, affection/intimacy, and affirmation.” – I can relate! Also – “A friend of mine said he likes for his women to be obsessed with him so that he doesn’t feel weird being obsessed with her and I couldn’t agree more. Although society has made “obsessed” seem crazy, it’s not.” I sometimes have to rein-in my interest/obsession so I don’t freak the other person out. In the past when I’ve fallen for someone I’ve fallen really quick. Right now, I’m tentatively trying to find the right balance to let myself be open, but also not get burnt. #tricky

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    1. I fall fast too and it’s been my downfall. Luckily, my past relationships have taught me so much that i haven’t found myself falling. But as long as I don’t get excited about the idea of who they are, within a few weeks I’ll know if it’s what I want or not

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  2. That makes sense. A little time can give some perspective. And confirm whether I’m just getting overly-excited and letting my emotions/imagination run away with me.

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