#MM: Makin’ Mommy Moves

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Hey, my loves;
Happy Monday! I hope that you had an amazing weekend, and are off to a great week! My weekend was pretty laid back. The kids and I parlayed and just had a completely lazy weekend, after grocery shopping of course. This post was supposed to come out last Monday but my affiliate program hadn’t been approved, I’m late but here we go!
The title was totally inspired by this shirt I saw on Facebook. I’m buying it! 

Today is #MommyMonday!! I would like to take the time to introduce my babies, Nino & Bubbie.

My Heartbeat & Blood Flow

Nino is 9 years old and in the fourth grade. She loves minecraft, roblox and YouTube. She wants to be a game creator/ YouTuber when she grows up.

Bubbie is 6 years old and in kindergarten. He loves minecraft, roblox and YouTube, just like his sister. He aspires to be a football player when he grows up.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Two different children created two different experiences and I promise you, I don’t want to go down this road again!

Some days are hard, especially as a single mother because everything falls on me. Granted my kids fathers are around, but only on a bi-weekly visitation schedule. I am solely responsible for their day-to-day and it’s stressful sometimes, but I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world. With working full time, writing full time, their school schedule and their personal schedules, I pride myself on making our day to day easy as hell. My lifehacks as a mom, I would love to share with you guys because as the least time-efficient person in the world, if this helps me, I’m sure it will help you, so let’s go.

Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed – Unknown

#MommyMondays: My 5 Lifehacks.

  1. Closet Organizers – These work wonderfully for the kids. Every weekend I go through and pick out their clothes for the upcoming week. Since the organizers have about five slots, it’s perfect for Monday thru Friday. I put everything in one slot that they would need for the day. Their daily cubby usually includes an outfit, underclothes (boxers/panties, bras/t-shirts, socks). This cuts our morning fights in half because the kids already know what they’re wearing.
  2. Bookshelves – When it comes to bedroom furniture, it’s expensive. Buying a whole bedroom set for a child is just too steep for me, so I used these bookshelves and bought Fabric Storage Cubes to use as drawers. It ultimately gives them 9 drawers, compared to the five or six you’ll get within a normal dresser or chester drawer. It also gives them the chance to decorate their rooms. Their beds are black so this was the perfect fit for my DIY event.
  3. Dream Tents – Although my kids no longer share their room, these were a big help when they did. Granted they had to share a space, but the dream tints allowed them to separate them from each other. There’s an unspoken rule in my house, “if I’m in my tent, don’t bother me”. The peace and quiet I get when they are in their tents are LOVE.
  4. Netted Laundry Bags – I love these! I always would seem to miss clothing on laundry day, so I started putting these bags in their rooms, to make them keep up with their stuff as well. These are a help because at night when it’s time to get ready for bed, while they’re cleaning their rooms, they put whatever clothing that’s misplaced away, or in their laundry bag. It’s been about two months since we’ve begun to do this and I haven’t lost any socks yet! Whoop whoop!
  5. Mounted Coat Rack – This was a super awesome hack, especially now that it’s winter. The kids place their bookbags and coat on one side, their robe and towel on the other. This helps them keep everything together, and it’s a big help on those mornings we’re running late.

You don’t ever value time until you don’t have enough of it. I’m so glad to have gained the knowledge of these life hacks because it’s made life a lot easier by adding simple actions that go a long way.

Do you have any tips to share with me? We’re going to be re-launching our YouTube channel soon, the minions are excited to showcase all of their glory to you. Tomorrow, I promise I will do my double posts.

Until next time….



  1. Thank you for sharing these great tips with us. I think I want to try the cubbie hole idea! I did have a wall mounted coat rack, but I need to get one mounted again lol. I’m telling you my youngest has been the hardest to struggle with in terms of keeping his room somewhat decent so all of these hacks hel. By the way you have beautiful children!! My youngest is nine as well and Minecraft, Roblox, and YouTube has him hooked!! Anyway, great job on the hacks and I can’t wait to see what you do and YouTube!


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