Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Reflections: 2K17

Hey my loves. Good morning!!

So as we slowly begin to close this year out. I wanna be reflective early. This will be my last post for this year, maybe. But I’ll return in January with a new site, a new name and a whole new reimagining of TSW.

This year has been a year for me. I’ve been through so much pain when it comes to people. Shade when it comes to life. Attacked when it comes to my writing and my business. My name is mud by people I’ve never had conversations with and even while I still am the topic of entertainment for these people, I still send kisses, hugs and pray for their success. It’s definitely a year of lessons for me, I planted many seeds that have begun to manifest but will be full bloom come next year. Different business ventures, rebranding, just growing and expanding.

I wanna share the 3 main things I learned this year. Probably lessons I should’ve learned long ago, but being sheltered as fuck growing up, I kinda started these lessons later than most. The fact that they’re being learned, is what’s most important.

I learned:

That you just have to remain positive even through the negatives.

This is big because naturally, I assume the worst and try to prepare myself for the worst but it weighs me down. The negative in my life will always take precedence and that has to stop. Shit happens, but you just gotta smile through it!

That it’s okay to walk away from something or someone who hurts you. –

ANYBODY. I walked away from and placed space in between people who I love. I just no longer have time to be the verbal, physical, mental and emotional punching bag of people who can’t control me, themselves or their anger. I’m the sweetest person in the world, and one thing I’ve learned dealing and meeting new people, it wasn’t me. I’m not a bad person. Special case? Maybe, lol. But my heart is gold.

To live my TRUTH. Regardless of how anyone feels about it.

Simple. People hate the truth when it challenges them or re-shapes who you are in the eyes of the people who worship you. So they find ways to try to silence you, keep you under wraps and its all a control method. I’ve been writing since I was 11/12 ish, it’s always been my outlet. I’ve opened up more this go around and the healing of just writing and leaving it in my books, my notepad, my word app, on here has helped me so much! None of this stuff is new, social media just makes the world smaller and people who didn’t have a reason to pay attention to you didn’t notice it until they have a reason to pay attention to you. But I rest well knowing I’m at peace, everything I do in life is 100% me, and I’m finally following my dreams. What more could a queen ask for?

There’s so many more. But these lessons are things that apply to my everyday life. I am so blessed and thankful for my readers and my followers.

Have you guys started your yearly reflections? Hit me up or comment and let’s talk about it.

Please make sure you’re on our social media’s! I am co-authoring a book that’s due to release in January and I would loveeeeeee the continuous support you give me!

Until next time, my loves!

besos, my loves!!


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