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When We…

So, last week while working, I was listening to music on YouTube when that video came on. The video came on and awakened my sexual being. That song “When We” by Tank, is everything. I don’t know why, maybe the lack of loving? But this song makes me feel spicy and ready to hump on somebody’s son.


When the video came on the beat initially took me, I looked up from my laptop to see a thick, dark skinned natural hair beauty, walking her fine ass away from him and the beat intensifies. The building where he is has different rooms, and each room there’s a different fetish scene. The diversity of the women in each of these rooms really excited me. After watching the video only like one hundred times, I finally downloaded the album, Savage. I listened to it all, but again when the song came on, I was mesmerized.

I like it when you lose it

I like it when you go there

I like the way you use it

I like that you don’t play fair

It brought me to this conclusion, the type of sex I desire to have, I don’t have. I want that sex that we see on TV and in the movies. I want to experience having a man who can’t wait to have me, and the minute he sees an opportunity, he takes me. I want to get to a point where when my man is coming over, I am comfortable enough to open the door in bra and panties or nothing on, and he takes me as soon as he walks in the door. I need aggression, I need passion, I want to be desired.

Who came to make sweet love? Not me

Who came to kiss and hug? Not me

Who came to beat it up? Rocky

And Imma use those hands to put up that gate and stop me

Now for me, I’m not the most confident person in the world, especially sexually. Granted, I put it down, *wink* but, I don’t know. I just feel like my sex is extra regular. I wonder how other people have sex, is it slow or passionate? Is it quick or slow? Do yall pass out right after or can you still function and move? I feel like the type of sex I want is borderline rape and domestic violence. Seriously, and sadly I’m not the only woman who desires that level of “submission”. Daddy issues? Probably. But one question prompted me “how does a man know when too much is too much?” For instance, say a potential bae is reading this, will it give him the green light of “oh yeah, next time I see her, I’ma push her up against the wall, choke her out and stick my dick in her?” or is it a “I’ll play it safe and follow her lead?”.

I could be aggressive (I could be aggressive)

I can be a savage (I can be a savage)

I just need your blessin’ (I just need your blessin’)

Say that I can have it, yeah

When we fuck

But yeah, this song awakened my sexual being, my urges have been so bad since hearing this song I legit try to stay in the house, because not only if a man breathes on me will the floodgates open, but because I don’t want to allow my urges to have me sleeping with the wrong person.

Plot Twist – I’m way too shy to ever act out the sexual desires I have in my head. Which is probably why I’ll never have the sex I want.

What about you, though? Have a song that Sparks your sexual being? Good News for us, we have a playlist we’re curating for TSW radio, love songs, or regular songs, whatever, drop them here. I’ll drop the Link to our Apple Music and Spotify in Wednesday’s post.

I have a vlog going up on Wednesday, this week, recap from Sunday’s show.

Until next time,

Besos, My Loves

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