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Papa de Chocolate III

Papa de Chocolate I
Papa de Chocolate II

Papa de Chocolate III

There wasn’t a do not disturb sign on the door. I knocked and knocked and no one answered me, so I proceeded into suite 524. As I walked in, there were clothing garments everywhere, and all I could hear was the bed creaking and panting. ‘Housekeeping, I knocked but’; “its okay! Just put them away, thank you!” I heard a woman say in between breaths. I caught a glance of them in the mirror and paused in my steps. She had an amazing body, and watching the way she was riding dick was something out of a movie. I truly was taken aback, so I stayed out of sight and continued to watch.

Her milk chocolate body had its own golden light. Small framed but she had thighs for days, tits for days, and just body for days, I lusted for a woman and that’s never been for me.  It was a treat watching their bodies move in sync. His big manly hands, grabbing her waist tightly, as she grinds back and forth, he’s thrusting up. Laying her head back, squeezing her own tits, she moans “yes, daddy. I love this.” I watched his hand slide up the left side her body until he reached her neck, tugging gently so she’d pull her head back up. Their eyes locked, and she held on to his arm as his grip tightened around her neck and his hand on her waist, grip tightened too. Neither of them closed their eyes for a second, while he laid there and pounded her pussy and she just screamed “fuck! Zae! I’m cumming! Babe!” The more obscenities she threw out, the harder he went. He let go of her neck, and grabbed her waist with both hands and bounced her on his dick until her screams hit Mariah Carey notes, he screamed and she just passed out on his chest.

So swiftly, this fine specimen of a man, emerged and walked around the bed. He grabbed her comatose body and pulled her down to him. I witnessed this tall ass man, about six foot two, chocolate body, big arms, nice smile for a few seconds and my body began to yearn. I’m in this room hiding like, shit, I need to get out of here before this twosome becomes a threesome. I began to plan my escape when I heard her moan again, I looked back, to see this man on his knees, so gently pulling her chocolate ass cheeks apart. He was devouring her, I couldn’t tell if he was in her pussy or her ass but her moans were so heavenly, I felt my excitement grow. “Play with it baby” she moaned, and he obeyed, I watched as he stuck two fingers in her pussy and his tongue worked her ass. She was throwing it back and her moans turned to whimpers as she came again. He stood up and turned her over to her back, I could tell he whispered something to her, and she smiled, pulled his face closer to hers and they kissed. The kiss lasted for a few and then he added his dick. This time their vibe was different, it went from hardcore porn to let’s make a baby.

He began giving her slow strokes, looking her in her eyes, and she looked back while grabbing on his chest. My heart started racing and my breaths got short, you would’ve thought I was the one getting the dick. I found my hands inside my pants, rubbing, and yearning for more.  He interlocked with her hands and slid them above her head, simultaneously, she locked her legs around his body and while they were increasing in passion with each thrust, their fuckfest turned into a love fest and I couldn’t hold it together any more; I began playing with my dick just watching them. I won’t lie shorty was bad, almost made me want to try with a woman, but he took the cake. At that point, all I needed was their moans and hearing their skin slapping, and in my head, she became me and I was envisioning him tearing this ass up.

I stroked my dick at the sound of them and had my finger in my ass imagining it was him, I’m used to fucking myself but not like this. I wanted all nine inches of that thick hard dick, in my ass and in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my throat like I was that slut, and whisper the sweet nothings that’ll be meaningless the next day when we woke up. I needed it, I craved it. It was beautiful, his sexy, full and thick ass lips, kissing on my body, grabbing on my neck till I almost fade to black. I guess I got to into the moment, because I let out a loud ass moan, and all I heard was “ayo, what the fuck was that noise?” I adjusted myself real quick and hid behind the door in the bathroom, praying that if any of them just saw the door opened they wouldn’t walk in and catch me. ‘Fuck, you damn dummy’; I whispered to myself. “I don’t know, but come on let’s finish baby,” she said.

I could tell she was slopping him off by the noises I heard, I proceeded, so quietly, out the bathroom door to leave their room. I looked over her eyes and mine met, I was shook. She thumbed up me and pointed to a fifty dollar bill on the floor. I thumbed up her back, and gave her a yaaaaassss bitch gesture, and rolled out. Everybody got loved on tonight in 524 and I witnessed the best housekeeping walk in, ever, and had the best self-fucking session I’ve had in a while. I’ma have to find this man she called Zae, I need to see something in person.

                So, bitch, you did all that, but you couldn’t get the picture I asked you to take to send to his wife?!  Mia said all rudely. Bitch, you didn’t tell me he was fine. You go ahead and play house with his wife, I’ma take that man for myself. I chuckled. Trust and believe, anything Lee LeRoy Lewis wants, baby, Lee LeRoy Lewis, gets.

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