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Papa de Chocolate II/III

Beep. My phone rung, it was my friendly reminder of my date with Kierra was in a few and it was time to leave, if I wanted to make it on time. This girl was something special. She was a breath of fresh air compared to the other women I dated, she had me shook. My brother put us in contact because she was Facebook stalking, 😏, and it was probably the best message request I had gotten on messenger in a minute.

I opted for a suit since I was treating her to this seafood restaurant down at the National Harbor, and she always raved about her hiding spot and the Farris wheel. She always said how her lame ass ex never took her out, so I told her dress up and get pretty, I was determined to seal the deal tonight. I opted for my navy Tom Ford three piece Windsor Suit, with a matching tie. I threw on some Clark’s dress shoes to match, my Movado gold accented watch and a sensible amount of her favorite cologne on me, Burberry Black. I told yall she was a big deal, right?

I texted her to inform her I was in route to her. Hopped in my truck, threw on one of her apple music playlists she sent me and proceeded to her place. I’m a man, and this woman gives me butterflies, what type of shit is this. I drove about twenty minutes to her crib, knocked on the door. When she opened, she was everything I didn’t think she would’ve been. See Kierra usually dresses down. I’ll catch her either before work or right after work, and her attire is always super chill. Which I didn’t mind, but when you see someone clean up and look even better, I was going to feast on her, all night.

I’m 6’2 and she’s about 5’8. Even with her heels on, she was still short. Kierra weighed no more than 130lbs, and had amazingly soft and chocolate skin. Thanks to my sisters, I can tell she doesn’t wear a whole lot of makeup, which meant the same face I’m going to sleep with tonight, will be the same face I wake up to in the morning. Damn, you look good boo; I kissed her soft ass lips. She smiled, I love her smile. She grabbed her clutch and we headed out the door. I walked her to my truck and helped her in, and she reached over to open my door. Shit, she opens doors? I laughed. She’s working her way right into my heart, men like to be treated nice too! Kierra was always nervous around me, I guess her history with men is about as shitty as mine, but where I guarded myself to never be hurt again; she embraces the opportunity as if she’s never been hurt before. It’s commendable as fuck.

We got situated in the ride and started to drive off. She was flicking it up on chat snap, or whatever app she was on, just being cute and enjoying the ride and the music. She took a break and started looking around as we were flying up 95 South. “Babe, where are we going?!” she asked. Her tone made me nervous, I put my hand on her thigh, told her to relax, we were staying in D.C. tonight, everything had been taken care of, and she has no worries. I smiled at her, she smiled back and she grabbed my hand and moved it closer to her love area. That’s how you feeling lil mama? I asked her, as she guided two of my fingers into her tight, wet walls. She grinded and moaned softly, and within a few minutes, she came. We’d been talking for months without penetration. When we met, she said she wanted to experience sex with someone who was already in love with her, to see if there was a difference. I respected that, and would eat her pussy now and then, promised myself when I got to that level I was going give it to her. “Babe, I’m hella lusty tonight. I don’t know if I want to wait anymore.” She stated while looking down at her phone. We’re here, I said. She looked up to see we were at her favorite seafood spot McCormick and Schmidt. “Wow, you pay attention to me, that’s sexy baby. Thank you so much!” she had the biggest smile on her face, I loved seeing her happy.

We got inside the restaurant and we had a nice private table in the corner, overlooking the water. We had three bottles of wine. She got a little more lit and started taking shots. A woman who can handle her liquor is a woman who deserves this dick tonight. Ima fuck the shit outta you tonight, boo. I said while she sucked on her lime, and rubbing her pretty white polished toes on my groin. She was getting us all excited and I couldn’t wait. Kierra is your typical inquisitive woman, she wants details, wants to know the ins and outs. I shut her up with a kiss and paid our check, I flashed a smile at her and I could tell from her body language I had her wet. We got back to the whip and headed to her hiding spot as she calls it. I got us a nice room at the Aloft hotel, overlooking the Ferris wheel and water.

We checked in and watching her walk in her silver heels, and the way her black dress hugged her body. She always call me chocolate daddy, but she was the Hershey to my kisses. We checked into the hotel and proceeded to the elevator. As soon as the doors shut, I dropped down to my knees and began to demolish her. Watching her grip the railings and moan “fuck, babe”, I felt her walls tighten. I was about to go in harder until the elevator bitch said “5th floor”, I got up and showed her the way out. The look on her face was beautiful, we had just gotten started. We got into the room and she needed to freshen up and get comfortable. I poured us more drinks, but she said she wasn’t in the mood for them. Which sucked because I was ready to throw em back and fuck her crazy. I could tell she was a bit tense, she overthinks, just like me. I figured the less sobriety, the more liquid courage and we can really get this shit popping.

She came out the bathroom with one of the hotel’s robes on, and I couldn’t take it no more. I got up and walked over to her, picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. “Hi baby”, she smiled. Hey sexy, I said as I walked her over to the king size bed. I gently laid her down, and found myself at my favorite place, my head between her legs. Kierra had the sexiest moans I’ve ever heard. She’s not loud, but she’s not quiet. She softly says fuck in between her labored breaths, and moans and bites her lip. She said she liked when a man played with his food, so as I was licking her up, I began to finger her. Playing with her g-spot and sucking on her clit, Kierra was losing it. “Fuck, Zae.” In between breaths, clinching her legs around my head, “ok, ok, okay baby! Enough!” She was trying to tap out, I wouldn’t let her. I put her legs up on my shoulders, and placed my arms around the top of her thighs, stop running. You’re not going anywhere until I’m done. I smiled at her. I would lick and suck on her clit fast and slow, when she caught my rhythm she began to grind with it. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. Ride my fucking tongue. The unity in our bodies had us in sync. I felt her walls begin to pulsate, her legs were shaking, her bottom lip quivered and she released herself in my mouth. ”ok, baby enough!” She begged me. My mission was accomplished.

I got up and wiped her juices from my chin, laughing at her sprawled out on the bed. You ok, boo? I asked her. She gave me the look of death. ”Why you do that?” she asked. Do what? I smiled at her again, before she could even say another word out her mouth, I had her legs pinned back and my dick sliding inside of her. FUCK! She felt so good. Her tight, wet ass pussy was everything. I could tell I was hurting her, my dick is big. I slowed up a little bit to help her get adjusted, giving her a little more dick each time I went in until my balls met with her ass cheeks. You ok? Am I hurting you? I asked, her face was saying stop but her body was screaming more. “I’m ok, baby. Pain is pleasure,” she moaned. It was more than just sex to me at this point. It was breathtaking finally fucking my crush, seeing her body yearn for me, seeing her go into ecstasy and knowing it was because of me. Every time she moaned, my pounds were harder. I had her legs pinned all the way back, again and every thrust she got from me, she started squirting on my dick. I loved this shit, and I was loving this bitch. I’d never say that out loud though, shhh yall.

I flipped her ass over, and without question she got into that legendary doggy style pose. You know, face down, ass up! Her whole upper body, laid flat on the bed and that ass was just perfectly tooted up waiting for me. I slid inside her walls, and she came to me. Throwing that ass back like a champ, and I was catching that shit like a pro. You like this shit, huh boo? She had me feeling like the man, watching her bubble butt bounce back and forth on my dick. Watching her grip the sheets, and call to God, while I pleasure her was a treat.

She made the right decision fucking with me and I made the right decision fucking with her, and this was just the beginning of out night. She sat herself up with her elbows propped, spread her legs a little more and really started throwing her ass back. I wasn’t even moving, she started fucking me. No. I pushed her back down and began savagely demolishing her pussy. Her moans turned to screams, and they were so sexy to me. “Oooh, fuck babe. Don’t stop”, I knew she liked that shit. I felt my dick begin to pulsate, and I guess she did too. She flipped herself around with such quickness, I didn’t know what was happening, until I felt her take my dick in her mouth. Her pretty white nails looked good wrapped around my dick. Her full, luscious lips, and wet mouth accepted him, as much as she could. She wasn’t a pro, but she had me gone. She stroked and sucked my dick, until I exploded. I didn’t want to disrespect her, and cum in her mouth, but she grabbed me by my ass cheeks and pushed me into her. I came so hard, and so much she choked. “Fuck, babe!” she yelled, “round 2?”

I laid on the bed, and she climbed on top of me. She said, “It’s my turn to have fun enjoying the view”. Kierra had gold between her leg, and gold in her heart. She was my little gold mine, and I knew this was the last time either of us would be starting over..

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