Poems & Stories

Don’t Fall In Love by Lady R

Don’t fall in love with a woman like me..

Because I can’t love you back..

I’m not capable of showing emotion…

I’ll use you for what I need..

A physical connection and when I’m done…

I’ll leave you..

No explanation…

I’m not the type you want to give your heart to…

I don’t know how to take care of it..

I look at it..

Hold it roughly..

I might even try to give it back..

But you’re too stubborn to listen

And insist on me keeping it…

So I’ll put on the shelf like all the others…

Don’t tell me you want me..

Because I’ll lie to you and say I want you too.

Truth is you’re only good for one thing to me..

An orgasm.. 

And once that’s complete 

What else do I need you for?

I don’t need those cuddles at night..

I’ll call you when I want you again…

Don’t fall in love with a woman like me…

Because I can’t love you back..

That spot behind my rib cage…

Where my heart use to be…


Those emotions of




No longer exists…

So get involved at your own risk…

I’m not the type of woman you give your love to…

I’ll admit I’ll use 

Manipulate you..

Get into your mind 

Have you on cloud nine 

Then snatch that happiness from you..

Leaving you in a pool of devastation…

Like I’ve been left so many times before…

I can’t love you..

Because I don’t know how to…

Lady R © 2015

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