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Papa de Chocolate Part I/III

It was so hard for me to assess this man. I mean, we had met on this dating site and had been kicking and chilling but I couldn’t figure out what he wanted from me. I mean for the life of me I was trying to get a feel of his candy stick and he wouldn’t let me. I began to wonder if something was wrong with me. It wasn’t until he broke it down, I don’t know if I could please you. I told him he didn’t have to worry, he was in good hands cause little mama was going to take care of him 😏.

I planned the night, perfection to a T. I had my outfit slayed, hair laid, and pussy trimmed by the gawds and feeling fresh. I knew everything I wanted to talk about, had conversations starters that would point me in the right direction if this fuck fest was going to pop off tonight. He texted me I’m on the way, and I finished my final makeup touches and made sure I walked out looking better than a snack, but more like his thanksgiving dinner. My dress was everything. Black, sleeveless with a faux diamond collar. Size 6, fitted to perfection. Hair laid with a simple side part. Silver open toes heels with white toes. Silver clutch and a simple makeup look with a matte red lip.

I heard him pull up, because he likes his music loud. Getting ready to head out, he knocks on the door and I open it to a fest of milk chocolate passion. Damn, you look good boo, he kissed me. *Swoons* who knew a man could look this good just for me. We headed out and he opened my door. Assisted me into his truck and I reached over and opened his door, “shit, she opens doors?” he said laughing. I chuckled. This tall glass of chocolate milk could have had whatever he wanted. Zae and I met right around the time my last man asked me for a break, to “explore” his options because he “saw forever” and wanted to get his ho out. Who knew that this man would pop up right on time and have me say bye to the fuck boy!

Zooming in is nice ass pick up, I kept glancing over at him. Man, he looks good. “Babe, where are we going?” I noticed we were on 95 heading towards D.C. which I considered to be a monkey wrench. I can’t get fucked up, and I can’t let him get loose. We were too far from home! He told me to relax, while putting his hand on my left thigh, “We’re staying down here tonight. I took care of everything don’t worry,” and he flashed that smile. That smile that allowed me to know, he was up to no good and this evening was about to be, fun. Getting caught up in the sex playlist he had bumping, we arrived at McCormick and Schmidt location in National Harbor.

First of all, National Harbor is beautiful and I was taken aback to know that he had even been paying attention to me. I had told him how it was so much I wanted to do with my ex and never could because it was always on my dime and where I could afford for me  to do the things I wanted to do, I couldn’t because I wouldn’t want to leave him out. So I missed out on a lot. We got into the restaurant and we had a nice little private table in the corner. It was late so business was a little slow, which is perfect because I hate crowds. We laughed and talked about life and past experiences over bottles of wine, amazing food and dessert. Took a few tequila shots, and while I was sucking on my lime, he says “Ima fuck the shit out of you tonight”. Immediately, my kitty started throbbing and lubricating herself, the problem is I didn’t have on panties. Oh, yeah?  I responded. How so? I wanted to hear what he had planned. But he just smiled that smile. He paid our check and we got back to his truck and drove to the Aloft Hotel. Another thing he had been listening to, this hotel has the sexiest showers I’ve ever seen in my life.

We checked in and headed towards our room. On the elevator, he pressed the button for the 5th floor and as soon as the doors closed, he dropped down to his knees and cradled his face in my pussy. I was already on the wall and held on to the railings for balance. I loved the way his lips felt on mine, just gentle kisses with a savage tongue twist, he always made me and my clit his bitch. “5th floor” the elevator buzzed, he got up as the doors open “after you, my lady” he said, and again that damn mischievous smile.

Zae always had a hold on me, he came into my life when I was at my low. Fueling me with motivation and support. He’d always say “when you encounter a better man, you become a better woman” I never understood it until others began to compliment the change in me, I learned the better man was him and I was forming into his equal. We got to the room, 524 and I was wet and just ready for him. I took off my shoes and headed to the bathroom. “You want more drinks, Hun?” I heard him shout. Nah, babe I’m good, I just want you; I shouted back. Freshening up, I took off everything and put on the hotels soft white robe and fuzzy socks and proceeded to my man.

He wasted no time really, as soon as he caught sight of me, he took me. Nestling his head between my legs again, he devoured me. He had the perfect lips, an amazing size tongue and he had no problem playing with his food. He stuck two fingers inside my love walls while still sucking and kissing on my pussy. Once his finger found my g-spot he kept them there, fucking with the intensity of his touch inside of me, I came. My legs started shaking and I tried to run but his grips on my thighs had me locked. He looked at me, “stop running. You not going anywhere until I’m done.” He gave me all types of tongue action that left me clinching the sheets, and praying to the Lord. A tingle shot down my, and I tightened them around his head. The tighter my legs were, the harder he licked, and the more I came. Ok, ok, okay! Baby, enough. I begged him to stop.

He looked up at me laughing.  Apparently, eating my pussy and snatching my soul was a game to him and it was time for me to show him who he was fucking with…

20 comments and I will post Part 2 of Papa de Chocolate – 9/25.


  1. I love the interaction between these two and how he is all about her and she’s loving it- she’s confident that she deserves the royal treatment. And she does. Many other stories focus on a woman’s lack of self confidence so this is refreshing!

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