Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle

Sunday Dinner 

I remember growing up and Sunday’s after church, while my grandparents were alive, my family would meet at their house for dinner (Or maybe it was special events but I don’t know. Always ate good!). My sitter at the time would cook dinner every Sunday and I remember the fullness I felt after dinner. It really set the tone for your week. My mom worked a swing shift so she didn’t cook Sunday dinner often, but when she did *praise break*. 

See, Sunday dinner soothes the soul. Sunday Dinner is the meal prepared with the most love for you and your family to begin the week refreshed and ready to go. Just think of it, imagine eating something sooooooo good, right? Then afterwards, if you can, you shower and get ready for bed and have the best rest of your life. Only to wake the next day, super ready for the day…. that’s what Sunday dinner is to me. It gives me the time to plan, prepare and cook a decent meal with love. I can cook and take my time versus during the week I find the quickest meals to make that will satisfy every one and still make sure it’s balanced and healthy. 

The vibe through my home when Sunday dinner is in process is nothing less than perfect. My love and I have six kids combined, so we have a pretty big family and everyone likes something different. I try my best to incorporate everyone when making dinner so that everyone is happy and has that same satisfying feeling I have. His two youngest are super picky, so I know I’ve struck gold when I hear “Miss. Ashleigh may I have some more?!” 

Today, our Sunday dinner consisted of baked chicken (that I baked in a steel skillet – seasoned with adobo (the red top), black pepper, garlic pepper, season all, and topped with an Italian herb blend. I cooked it covered for an hour, removed the foil for about 30 minutes and then brushed on a thin layer of BBQ sauce and broiled for 5 minutes to crisp the skin), sautéed broccoli (using olive oil with the same seasonings, minus the herb blend and BBQ) and baked Mac and cheese with mild and sharp cheddar cheeses along with my special cheese sauce I make using velvetta cheese.

Babe is basically comatose and we’re kid free so I guess I passed the test!

Talk to me!! How’s Sunday dinner in your home? Is it a big deal? I’d love to hear from you. 😘😘


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