Random Thoughts of Ashleigh Noelle


Yay! I am so psyched. Finally, I am free. I have my freedom papers. LOL, not like I wasn’t free before, but its something about being legally tied to another being that just is not okay for me. Especially because when I am ready to leave, I don’t want nothing keeping that relationship going, even if it is just a legal technicality.

I can say 4/18 was a day I was filled with many emotions. It was the moment I had been waiting for, closure. I walked into the court house, without representation because I know and he knew there was nothing more to say. There was no contesting, I wanted two things – my son and my last name changed – and I got it.

I must say, it was a bit surreal sitting in divorce court. I always wanted to marry, and have a family, and here I am – ending mine. It was neccessary though, I won’t go into details, but that negro had to go.

I’m ready to move on with the next phases of my life, while I do not desire to get married again, I do hope that one day life finds a way to change my mind. I loved being a wife, while I was active, and I would love to try it again with the right man.

My dream to be walked down the isle to my dream guy, wearing my gown and watching him cry….. Might just only happen in my dreams…. Cause *shrug*



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