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Rain Drop

Rain drop tears, while the rain drops dear

I can’t explain in words my fears

But I gotta get through

I gotta get over you

I can’t keep playing this fool

It’s the nights like this when the silence speaks the loudest

Trapped in my thoughts, worrying about you

We played our roles in this love affairs demise

But I find myself stuck on you

The shit that I’ve been through, most women would be done too

But I’m still here just on loving you

And you chasing and choosing, it’s like I’m steady losing

So tell me, why am I here?

When – I’m not enough for you

When – I’m just too much for you

When- I’m too in my feelings and require you to love me too?


Originally written and posted on another site 01/06/17. Was supposed to be a song, never finished, maybe you can help me 🙂 

1 comment

  1. This is really beautiful! When I was reading it I was thinking that it felt like it should be a song! When I saw that it was intended to be a song I thought you must be a really great writer for me to know that even before you tell me 🙂


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