Poems & Stories

Regina.. Pt I

It was such an ugly day outside, I decided to work from home. I hated driving in the rain and I don’t know about other cities or states, but Baltimore and Maryland drivers in the rain are horrible. It was about 7:08 a.m. and the kids were off to school, my man was getting ready for work and I was laying in bed. Are you sure you have to go? Call out and stay with me. But he said no and to wipe the pathetic puppy look off my face, because ‘you grown and it’s not attractive’. Bobby always found a way to ruin my moments. Any attempt I ever made for one on one time was always shot down. Our relationship took a drastic turn a few months back and while I am holding on for dear life for this man whom I love, every single day I begin to wonder simply why?
Why hold on to a man who is not faithful to me? Bunch of bitches in his phone, his crew of baby mamas pressed that won’t let go. I mean seriously, everything I ever wanted he is the opposite, yet I stay and I can’t tell you why. But, moving on; I got up and packed his lunch, and made his coffee and he left. No kiss, no hugs, just bye. Sigh. I prayed my daily prayer ‘Lord, send my husband that you’ve ordained for me.’ I looked out the window as he pulled out of my driveway, in the car I bought for him. Finally, me time. As I proceeded back to my bedroom.
Often, I think Bobby forgets he’s my man and not my father. He holds out on sex because I complain that I am tired every day, which I am, but who’s ever too tired for sex? Too many nights, have I either asked or attempted to take and he’d tell me, no, so I stopped trying. We would have sex but I assume it’s when his one of many bitches are unavailable. He doesn’t satisfy me anymore. The days he’s fake in love with me, are the days he fucks me the best, but those days are short-lived, they come as often as the solar eclipse. Other times, you can tell he just wanna get his nut off. He’ll spoon fuck me and fall asleep with no care if I finished or not. Yet, I still stayed with this man.
‘Don’t forget the pool installation is today,’ Bobby texted me. I responded ok and rolled over to my drawer and pulled out my pleasure massager, one of my many and favorite toys. When he started holding out, I started investing. I have a massager in every room of my house to get away and get mine. Upping the vibrations to level MAX, I placed the soft pink cushion on my clit and went into immediate ecstasy. Remembering his touch, when it was genuine, his kisses – I moaned. Caressing my nipples, pinching them gently, like he used to – I moaned. A few minutes went by and I felt myself snatching my own soul. That feeling from my feet all the way up, or maybe it’s down, I don’t know. I just felt good.
I finished up and cleaned myself, made up the bed, and began tidying our room when I heard the knock at the door. It was a Wednesday and I was telecommuting so nothing but leggings and oversized shirts for the day. I ran to the door, ‘yes?’,  as I opened there was this beautiful woman dressed in a cream fitted pantsuit, she had on black pumps and a matching black bag. Her skin was caramel and clear, if she wore makeup with was very natural because I couldn’t tell. Her eyes were on a slant, and her lips were on full. I’ve never had my breath taken away by a woman before, it was a lot. ‘Ahem, is this the Coffee residence?’ she said softly, I responded yes and apologized for staring. She was breathtaking, ya’ll.
‘I am Regina from Pool Install Quick, may I come in, please?”, she asked. I moved out of the way and asked her to come in and have a seat. She immediately began pulling out paperwork and contracts for the pool. We went over numbers and confirming the design and things of that nature. The men began to walk around the house into my backyard to start their new task. As I walked her to the door, she said ‘It was a pleasure doing business with you, ma’am’, with a grin and her eyes shot down to my chest.  She looked back at me and asked me ‘do you like coffee although your last name is Coffee?’ It was a weird question, but I responded ‘some days. Depends on the mood and the flavors available, I’m pretty picky’. She smiled and said ‘cool’ and walked away. God, she was everything. About a week had passed, still sexless from Bobby, Regina called and said that the installers were finishing up today and she’d be by to check and have me sign another document. I got excited and said ok.
It was about 1:12 p.m when she arrived. I opened the door, ‘I am in love with this pool! Oh my god, it’s amazing!’ and it was. I had a jacuzzi inside the corner. Kids play while mommy relaxes was the plan. ‘I am glad you like it, everything looks great, if you could sign this, I’ll be on my way’. She handed me a piece of paper, I signed it and headed to the door. ‘Miss. Coffee, did you read the document that you signed?’ in an irritated tone, it bothered me. ‘No, but whoever does Regina?’ She handed me the paper again, and I placed it on the coffee table. We headed back toward the door, ‘I’ll be in touch, Miss. Coffee’, and she turned and walked to her car. What the fuck was that about? I thought to myself, what the fuck did I sign?

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