Poems & Stories

Crazy Part I

I’ve never been the type to go nuts over the nigga that’s fuckin me at the time.  I can honestly say, it’s not often I have bad sex, so there’s no real need to act crazy for something you’re used to getting, right? Right. So I met this guy who’s been the perfect match for me. He’s career, goal and family oriented. We can sit and talk for hours of our past, goals and plans for our futures, individual and together, ‘Lord willing’, as he’d say. After a few months of the social media and text flirting, he finally asked me out to spend time. I accepted and planned for the evening.

He said to dress comfortable, he knew I wasn’t the utmost girly type, him accepting my chill was sexy. I decided to wear a pair of fitted holey jeans, an oversized sweater and ugg boots to match. I met him at the restaurant and he was the perfect gentleman, until it was time to go home. Dinner was amazing, we went bowling and I kicked his ass! While he’s fake salty, and I’m gloating, I realize our time is up and we must go our separate ways. He walked me over to my car and we said our good nights. I gave him a hug and he went in for a kiss. The sweetest and softest lips knowns to man had graced mine, and I was shocked.

I got in my car and headed home when he texted me ‘I want your other lips, tonight. May I?’ Already on the phone with my girlfriend, I told her what he sent and she said ‘biiiii if you don’t!’ Peer pressure is a mother, but I wanted more so I took the bait, and my response was just my address. I got home, ran in really quick trying to straighten up. These kids of mine had toys everywhere and hadn’t cleaned their mess before going to their dads. I threw everything in the closet, I’ll deal with this later. I freshened up and changed into sweats and a beater with my fuzzy socks, grabbed a glass of wine and turned on the TV, a few minutes later he was knocking at my door.

I opened with a smile, and he took me. He wrapped his big arms around me and pushed me back into the house kicking my door shut behind him. Pinned against the wall with my arms above my head, he shoved his tongue down my throat and kept it there. The longer he kissed me the wetter I got. Lips to my neck, nipples to my navel he licked his way down to my garden and devoured me like I was his favorite meal. I creamed in his mouth until it brought me down to my knees. I was shaking and out of breath, I had no idea what this man was doing to me, and he wasn’t done.

I laid there on my floor trying to regroup myself and gather my thoughts, I knew from the way he pleased me, my knees and my jaws would be sore for sure. I sat up, mentally praying that my head game wasn’t on juvenile level today, placed my hair in a pony tail and he grabbed me by my neck, so forcefully it scared me, but I laughed and moaned. He laid me back down on the floor and asked me ‘may I?’ while slowly rubbing my clit, every stroke making me shudder, trying not to talk because he still had the death grip on my neck. I didn’t respond. He inserted two fingers in me, roughly, and asked me again ‘may I?’. I moaned, but still didn’t answer. While he’s fingering me, he’s adjusting his grip around my neck. ‘If you cum when I say it, I’ll take the answer as yes. If you don’t, I’ll stop and this never happened’, still being mute, I bit my lip and enjoyed the mini convulsions running through my body.

A few minutes passed and I was shaking, ‘You’re gonna cum now’ he whispered, and within seconds, I was creaming down his fingers. He pulled them out of me and sucked my juices off. Positioning himself to insert me, he pulled down his pants, and I saw Him. This man had the most amazing penis I’ve ever seen, my mouth watered. ‘Can I taste him?’ I asked, he smiled and said no. He inserted me. Kissing on my neck, my lips and my breast, he stroked me. It was everything. We were going on for what seemed like hours, when he was ready to wrap it up he turned me to my back and lifted my legs straight back, knees to ears. He pressed down on me and smiled, kissed me and inserted himself back inside of me. This time it was harder and faster. I couldn’t find anything to grip, my juices were just flowing and squirting everywhere and I screamed out ‘yes, daddy’. It was that very moment, he became mine, and I was he’s regardless if he knew it or not.

He finished and laid next to me, ‘you ok?’ he asked, I responded yes. He rolled over and held me, ‘I could get used to this’. He had no idea he had no choice, I mean seriously, he thought he was just going to fuck me like that with no consequences? This man had activated my crazy, the games had just begun….


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