Poems & Stories


He was different
He was the same as the others before him but something about him was different.
There were sparks in his touch
He floated when he walked
And while he was no different than the others, probably worse, he was different.
Not able to decipher how he was different
Trying to figure that out he became her addiction
Fascinated with the way he walked
How he talked
He captivated her
With the slightest effort, he would send chills up her spine
Without even touching her, this man blew her mind
And when they made love he had her high in the clouds
Higher than any pill or type of weed could take you
She became addicted to the rush he presented
Walkin’ on the wild side, he had her
So far gone into her addiction she couldn’t see that he was using her
Seeking the same things, they both went about it differently
She began to fall and thought he would catch her
But he didn’t
She began to see who he was, what he wanted and it wasn’t her
He prided himself on having women
Taking their hearts and love and feeding it to his ego
Like an addiction
She couldn’t get enough
And even when she tried to walk away
He asked ‘what about us’
Her desire for him, she stayed and endured
The motions that addiction takes us through
She was so addicted to the way he made her feel
She believed it outweighed the abused that was instilled
He could black her eye and make love to her at the same time
She was addicted and thought it was fine
Everyone tried to warn her
Told her to walk away
But her addiction made her stay
At her funeral, he sent her flowers
‘Job well done. I took your power’

If you know anyone dealing with domestic violence or are a victim yourself, please get help. Click HERE for DV Resources.

Peace & Blessings,



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